About Matrix of Mobility 🠗

The eighth edition of the Wollesen Memorial Graduate Symposium will focus on networks and mobility in art history and visual culture. The world is connected by waves of movement and exchange, from land-based and ocean-faring migration to networks of objects and encounters. This symposium seeks to explore the historical and contemporary currents of networked mobility and places of exchange. It presents papers by graduate students that reflect critically on ideas of geographies, scales, mobility, exchange, and migration. Papers engage with the boundaries of disciplines, area studies, and methodologies to consider the visual through various lenses. Temporally, papers span from pre-history to the present day. Panels for this symposium are organized thematically and will be held across the 4th and 5th of March, 2021.

2021 Keynote Speakers

Associate Professor Ngarino Ellis (Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Porou), The University of Auckland

Professor Mohammad Gharipour, Morgan State University

About the Wollesen Memorial Symposium

The Wollesen Memorial Graduate Symposium is the annual symposium for the Graduate Union of the Students of Art (GUStA) at the University of Toronto.  It was inaugurated in 2014 as an enduring legacy and fond tribute to our esteemed late colleague Dr. Jens T. Wollesen.  Dr. Wollesen joined the Department of Art at the University of Toronto in 1985.  He specialized in the art of medieval Italy, Cyprus, and the Mediterranean basin with a particular focus on the relationship between image and text.  He is also remembered as a professor dedicated to his pedagogical calling.  He was the director of both the undergraduate and graduate programs at various times, and also served on the Art Committee of the University of Toronto’s Victoria University.  His dedication as a professor led him to design a first-year Introductory Art History course which was widely acknowledged by students as legendary.  His dedication to both graduate and undergraduate education remains his legacy, for which the yearly success of this symposium is a testament.  It is made possible by the continuing support of his friends and family through the Jens Wollesen Memorial Fund. This year, GUStA continues the tribute with a symposium entitled “Matrix of Mobility.”